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  “To evaluate art, we will never have anything other than feelings and mind, which are the most unreliable instruments in the world…”    

                                                                                                   Anatole France (1844-1924)



An accessory is a very important part of human style closure, especially for a woman. It is like a spice to finish a dish so that its amazing taste could be revealed.

Every woman is individual and unique, so accessories should be chosen carefully. Only properly selected accessory may strengthen the benefits and hide any defects. Shinning eyes, unforgettable smile or the most beautiful facial features may become more distinct with appropriate jewelry. It may also reveal the mood, the lifestyle and passions of its host.

When choosing jewelry or accessory, careful attention should be paid to quality. One should also not forget to take into account for what occasion and to what style it will be combined. Accessory cannot hide the natural beauty of a woman and her style, on the contrary it has to make it all apparent. High quality customized accessories rarely go out of fashion and can serve you all your life.

Rutta Mill is a fashion jewelry designer from North Europe exclusively hand making fashion jewelry since 2005. Rutta Mill uses CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski elements, semi precious stones, 22 kt gold, silver, copper and rhodium finishes, fresh water pearls, leather and other unique components. All jewelry is 100% nickel free.

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